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Best Sound & Security is a leader in design, development, manufacturing, and marketing of mobile electronics; Headquartered in Flushing, New York since November 1989.
We have played a major role in supplying components into different mobile electronics systems by introducing new products specifically designed to meet or exceed the quality, reliability and cost objectives required in today's marketplace.

Products include handmade custom body kits, interiors, navigation, radar, and audio/video systems.
Our growth has been attributed to supplying intricate mobile electronics products to customers, automotive dealers, and celebrity clients.

We have been fortunate enough to be able to explore our automobile passion by designing and building more than 15 show cars for which we received numerous awards and trophies for. We were also featured in many shows, magazines, and television.

Our excellent sales, installation and customer service enables us to offer our customers the best products available to satisfy their every need.
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